Hello! I’m Fat Medusa

Ever wondered what life is like for a 20-something single woman in the age of Tinder? Or are you relating so hard to that description and just want someone to share that experience? Then you’ve come to the right spot.

Fat Medusa is born out of an urge to put the my experience of the overwhelming world of dating into words, and to hopefully create a voice that might intrigue you, entertain you – and even comfort you, knowing that someone out there is going through everything that you are also struggling with.

Dating is a jungle, but I have decided to unsheathe my machete and cut my way through this mess, to see how it all plays out in the end. Thankfully, I packed pants and sensible footwear, so we should be well prepared for the journey.

Who is Fat Medusa, then? (I always dreaded this question, be it at job interviews or first dates – it just feels so definitive, don’t you think?)

I’m a 25-year-old white, cis-gendered, heterosexual (how many privilege-boxes did I just tick there?) plus-sized woman living in Denmark (which is not Sweden, but close enough). I’ve been single for close to two years and yes, I do have a profile on Tinder.

I write for a living, so I figured I’d bring my work home and do it for fun, too, because at least then I’ll have found a hobby that I’m good at.

This blog is going to be a wonderful clusterfuck of dating advice and disasters from my personal perspective – so don’t expect the ultimate solution (if I had it, I wouldn’t be sat here writing this, obviously).

So if that sounds like your kind of fun, stick around and enjoy!

Kick ass,
– Fat Medusa

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